Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter traditions

Haven't gone an Easter without making these....and I don't even really like coconut.  Oh well, I can't argue with tradition.  For the first time, Ryan actually hung out with me and helped make some treats tonight.  It could be that I bribed him with M&Ms?!?  Oh well - a small price to pay for having some company in the kitchen.  (Dear God, please do not give me a girl that doesn't like to cook.  I ALWAYS loved cooking with my Mom.  *right, Mom?*).

Anyway, we made some birds nests and had a blast.

Then we took some bread crusts out to feed to the birds outside.  Ryan was excited to know that the birds were going to come eat them all while we were sleeping.  Sorry, birds...our dumb dog ate them before you could get to them.  Maybe we'll get a bird feeder.  Hmmmm.  Highly unlikely - Troy is afraid of birds (he won't admit it though).

What was Seth doing this entire time?  VERY serious about his game:

We're excited for a play-date, painting/decorating intervention tomorrow.  I told Ryan that Henry was coming over to play.  His response:  "And Thomas? And Percy?  And James and all the other trains?"   Sigh - I'm really annoyed with Thomas the Train.  I told him that this *real* Henry was WAY better than a train - the lightbulb went off:  "Ok, my friend Henry from my class!  We have to share."  I've got my fingers crossed :-)
Almost 11 - staying up to make stinkin cookies for my friends at CG.  The boys and I are doing a little treat delivery at work tomorrow.  Girls - I know you're reading this: ready or not, here we all come!


The Sneaky Mommy said...

Your boys are too cute! I love your bird nests--what a fun treat!
I'd skip the bird feeder--ours was over run by crazed squirrels! :)
I am SO excited to see all the new things at your house! It's going to be beautiful!!!

peter marie said...

That's so cute! Henry will have to bring along some trains.
See you in a bit!

une autre mère said...

Those birds nests are such a fun idea!

Have fun with Henry and the trains! Can't wait to hear all about the painting/decorating intervention! :)

Oh, and I'm super excited to see that beautiful new kitchen Saturday night!!!

Mallory said...

If you don't like Coconut you could use Chinese noodles instead. They are really crunchy but they look like what you made. Only we call them haystacks. We just cover them with melted almond bark and chocolate chips and scoop them out in a blob. But you could add eggs and they would still look like nests.