Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A lesson in patience

So if you need to learn to be patient, long-suffering, humble....I've got just the idea for you.  Teach a college course once.  Tonight was Night 1 in a class I'm teaching.  Keep in mind these are senior bachelor students.  Overheard tonight in class:
  • "Is she 16?"
  • "Some teachers tell us that if we have perfect attendance we don't have to take the final exam, but you have the final exam listed in your syllabus.  Is that for real?  Do we really have to take it?"
  • "Can we get extra credit?"  Heard this one 3 times.
  • "Do we really have to buy the book?"
  • "Why don't we get next week off for Spring Break?"
  • "This teacher is ridiculous!"
  • "I have to drive from Boone every week so if I leave a few hours early, don't take it personally."  Uh, ok....but only a few hours!?! 
  • "This is going go be WAY harder than I want for a spring term".
  • "I wonder if she's married."  "Ask her."  "No, you ask her."
  • "I'm on a few medications so if I act annoyed and irritable, its just a side effect."
  • "Just how tough do you grade?  If I put all the possible choices down, will you count it right?"
Sigh.  Overall, they are a good class with lots of fresh, happy faces, I'm just always surprised by the things they say...that I wouldn't have dreamt about saying to my professors.  (Probably would have gotten demerits, but that's another topic.)


Choose Joy said...

Yay! I didn't know you blogged! Can't wait to follow your blog...Tracy

une autre mère said...

I totally think you should start handing out demerits. Maybe it'll teach 'em a lesson, but most likely they'll rebel - at least that's what I would do...

I would totally take the "16" comment as a complement. And... ARE you married? Just wondering... for a friend...

And really... you're not actually going to GRADE them or anything are you? I mean that's just RIDICULOUS. Grades are so last year.

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Hehe...demerits. I wish I would have known you then.
Wow, 16! Congratulations!
The extra credit question--that's totally valid for some of "us" with "that" personality. Just saying...