Monday, March 26, 2012

My little pictorial update

I’ve been such a flake at getting this crazy blog updated.  I’ll just leave it at that.  So, in pictures, here is a little of what we crazy cats have been doing in the past week or two:
Lounging. (Ryan’s world was ROCKED when a DS was introduced to our little abode. He gets to play it for 15 minutes and will be very quick to tell you that “If I cry when I turn it off, I don’t get to play it tomorrow.”  That kid loves order and rules, and frequently likes breaking the rules just to double check the “order” part.) 
Watching cute movies at home on rainy days.
That little face is about the only thing cuter than Winnie the Pooh movie.
Even Reed wants to get in on the electronic entertainment action.
Playing outside.  A lot.  In March.  Crazy wonderful!
First popsicle....
Happiest kid on the planet.
Most unique kid on the planet.  Yes, he is trying to be silly.
Yes, he is wearing his pajamas at the park.  

A walk at the lake

Making homemade stickers.  ("Well, we don't have anymore; you can MAKE some" was quite a stretch, but he BOUGHT it! )
From top to bottom:  baseball, hockey puck, volleyball, football, and basketball.
Yeah, I know what you're thinking.
Reed just growing and being the cutest little bug!
I have SEVEN teeth now.  And I can read.
Not really, but I like to eat books with my seven teeth if that counts for anything.
I like to pretend to walk, but only without pants.
My stalker Mommy takes pictures of me when I'm sleeping.
Is that creepy or what?
Ryan getting his bi-annual heart condition check-up.  No action needed for another 6 months. YAY!
Pediatric Cardiology - great doctors.  But no VIP punch card for 3 boys with heart murmurs or defects.
They should work on their marketing strategy.  But, we love them anyway!
And a trip to the dr with just Mommy and no other brothers is quite a treat!
An outing to the zoo
He doesn't even look like my little baby anymore!  I always take pictures on this bridge - the same one that Troy and I stood on nearly 7 years ago on our wedding day. Awwww, pressssssshhhhhhhhious.

The only child who wasn't afraid of the FAKE Ice Age Exhibit.
Big boys are both behind my legs as this picture is being taken

Those sea lions were our favorites...on this particular day.
They could watch that tiger forever!
We kept coming back to the sea lions!
Yeah, me + 3 boys at the zoo. A few people were staring as the kids shreeeeked, "Lets be silly!  Lets be crazy!  Do it! Do it! No, Ryan, like THIS!"  Thankfully, this was as crazy as it got.

Our first visit to the circus!
This manly man was Ryan's favorite.  
The tigers were pretty amazing, too. Seth's favorite.  But only because I told him the "princesses" (trapeze artists) were not acceptable favorites for a boy of his age.
The Amazing, Flying Somethings.  Can't remember their name, but they were fun to watch.
The net took out all the drama though.  Scaredy-cats.  

And the beginnings of scheming for the most fun May ever!  Yes, I'm already planning May.  As someone told me, it is "May-aotic".  True dat.  Here is a sneak peak at some of the things I'm working on for Reed's One-and-Only-1st-Birthday-Party in May:
Oh, what are these blue and orange thingymajigs?  I'm not telling....yet!
Given some foam board, I could RULE THE WORLD!  Or, I could do this.
(Not done yet.  My mother would disown me if I left uncovered raw edges.  Gasp!)

You survived and made it to the end. You should be rewarded.