Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More tips

Back by popular demand, here are some more tips that make life easier:

  • Keep a few large marshmallows in your brown sugar - keeps the sugar soft and moist (Ew, I hate that word).
  • Car essentials:  Keep these things in your vehicle:
    • A roll of mini diaper disposal bags in your glovebox.  Great for keeping trash and little odds and ends until you can throw it away. They work well for placemats or napkins while eating in the car (who DOES that!?!?).  Plus, most of them are scented so they add a discrete scent to your car and they barely take up any room. 
    • Save your extra napkins and straws.  You'll need them. 
    • Paper towels (or a reusable cloth) and a mini spray bottle of all-purpose cleanerBoy, you'll use it.  I love clean cars and any time I'm a passenger I clean out the cupholders, windows, etc....(and sometimes I do it when I'm the driver!). Plus, handy for cleaning up spills, dirty faces, etc.  Wipes could do the trick, but we can get pretty wasteful with wipes.
  • When your doctor or pediatrician calls to confirm your upcoming appointment, answer the phone and ask them to scan and e-mail or fax (or mail) you any forms that need to be filled out.  Then have them completed and ready to go at the appointment.  This is a huge time saver and stress-reducer.  I almost ALWAYS have a new form to complete or an "update" form and having them completed when I signed in is so much better than trying to dig out all the information in the waiting room with sick or scared kids.  They've always been willing to do this and are always pleasantly surprised when I arrive prepared.
  • Use raw spaghetti strands to light hard-to-reach candles.  (Light the spaghetti, then transfer flame to wick).  I've actually only done this one. I know the CG girls are going to make fun of this one, go ahead.
  • Store your sheet sets inside the pillowcase.
  • Get a brightly colored wallet - SO much easier to see floating around in your purse.


une autre mère said...

Yay! I love your tips! I think you should start "Tip Tuesday" or something like that. I know you don't already have enough to keep you busy on Tuesdays, so I thought I'd help you out...

I'm on my way to stock up our car with all the essentials! :)

peter marie said...

For some reason when i pull up your blog on the touch i can only see the title, but not the text. It's really bummin' me out! Hopefully our lap top will be up and running by friday so i can catch up with you through your blog instead of having to talk face to face. :)

Choose Joy said...

Thanks for sharing! Great tips!