Thursday, March 11, 2010

A tale of two cities

A tale of two cities today. 
Earlier today I was discussing with my sister how interesting it was that some of the happiest moments in our lives were completely simplistic, unexpected, and surprisingly without fanfare.  Mine:  I was sitting by an open window November, 2008 (do you remember how warm it was - 60-70s for a few days), folding a zillion onesies and baby socks after bringing Seth home from the hospital. Both boys were napping:  Ryan getting used to his big boy bed and Seth in his swing next to me.  I was dead tired and sore, surrounded by mess - but it was the most beautiful mess I've ever seen: little clothes, gifts from family and friends, thank you notes to be written, Mom in the kitchen making tons of food. And this feeling of peace, contentment and happiness just washed over me and I'll never forget it.  I was so happy to be blessed by such a wonderful family. 
My sister shared her similar moment: "I was sitting in the nursery on a gorgeous summer day, when my first little boy, M, was tiny. M was peacefully lying on a blanket on the floor (in the sunlight to fight his jaundice, as instructed). I was just watching him look around, wave his little hands and feet, make all those little baby noises. Nursery lullabies were playing. I rocked and rocked, not caring that there were other things I could be doing. I just loved my baby and the moment of joy."
Do you remember those moments?  Do they jump out of your memory so clearly that they make you gasp?  Do they bring tears to your eyes? tonight.  I've had sick kids for a LONG time now and I had screaming/crying for 3 straight hours tonight- no joking.  That's a first.  I've never had it that bad before.  I was out of my mind.  I couldn't do anything to help them.  Troy was at conferences.  Boy did I lose it.  Patience was shot, I was in physical pain, mentally exhuasted, and angry that I couldn't fix the situation.  But think about it: that was 3 hours and I was ready to kick the bucket.  I put Seth to bed and as he kept crying in his bed, he was holding my hand as we prayed....and I prayed and prayed and prayed for more patience, strength, wisdom, energy.  Pretty humbling that God can put up with me for 29 years of my crying/screaming/annoying/disobedient behavior, but 2 little boys about do me in after only 3 hours.  Hmmmmm.  My prayers changed really quickly to ones of thankfulness and awe.

Share your quiet but amazing moments of joy, will you?  Please! I think we need to celebrate them! 


une autre mère said...

Great post, Liz! First off, I'm so sorry that your boys are sick. I hope they feel better soon.

I love the idea of reflecting on our "moments of joy." It seems I've had more of them since Tate's been born. Not because I love him more, but because I realize he is my last and I need to treasure every single moment.

A recent one was two days ago when I was in the bathroom getting ready. Tate was lying on the carpeted floor just outside the bathroom playing with his toes and Millie kept opening and shutting the door, which for some reason was making her literally double over in laughter. Then Tate started laughing and I started laughing and we were all a big giggling mess. I felt such joy and thankfulness to God for my sweet, funny babies. He has been so good to me and I am so undeserving.

Choose Joy said...

Thank you for sharing. This morning Camo was singing "Blessed be the name of Jesus" all covered in blueberry oatmeal. He looked at me and smiled and I immediatley praised God for my little blueberry boy. I was thrilled that He gave me a chance to do it right by Him for the generations to come. I still stand in awe at my salvation...Where I have been and where He has brought me always leaves me speechless!

peter marie said...

Hope the boys get better soon!!

I love those kind of moments. We had one at Old Navy the other day. I let Henry walk instead of being in the stroller, which is a rare treat, and he was getting a little out of control with the little toy car I let him bring in. But then he kept singing Jesus Loves Me and it was just so sweet. I love catching those little boys doing things they won't be doing when they're older and too cool for school.
Have a great weekend!!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

I love those moments--they're usually very humbling, too! My best one was most recent, too! Yesterday, the kids were bickering more than we'd yet experienced and in a moment of lost patience, I sent them all wailing to their beds. About a half hour later, I went to check on them and found all three cuddled up in one bed discussing a "plan" how they were going to stop fighting and choose to get along and love each other. It was pretty much the sweetest scene ever! I'm thankful that when I lose my patience, God still chooses to bless me with children who are forgiving and want to learn to be like Christ in their actions.