Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Can you IDENTIFY with the Resurrection?

My favorite week of the year; capped off with an awesome Saturday and Sunday.
Easter Eggstavaganza:

Bounce House Mania:

"Mom, will do do it for me?"

Seth watching rehearsal:

This is as close as we can get to a picture of the two of them together:

"Seth, stay here and say CHEESE"

Easter-egg hunting in our church clothes - don't ask.

Seth, easily distracted


une autre mère said...

That video of Ryan was so cute! Addie enjoyed watching it too.

I'm glad you had pictures of your boys on here because I don't think I even saw them yesterday with all the chaos! Good chaos, though. Anyways, they looked so handsome!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Your boys are so stinkin' cute!!! Can you believe you were wearing Seth at the Easter egg hunt last year? He has so quickly turned into a little boy and Ryan is just a little man now! They were so good with all the crazy commotion and activities of the weekend! Hope they got lots of treats yesterday! :)

Party of Seven said...
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Party of Seven said...

They looked adorable! Love their "baskets." Who picked those out? We made our nests and resurrection cookies too. Wish we could have celebrated with you. Glad you had such a wonderful day. "JESUS IS AWIVE" indeed!