Monday, April 26, 2010

End the day with a smile

Don't you love bedtime? Some nights my face hurts from laughing and smiling. 
Ryan is at that first hilarious stage.  He's got more figured out than we realize.   Like at the grocery store today:
Ryan finds a cute little Cars soft lunch bag.  "Mommy, can we take this home to put my cars in?"
Mommy:  "Uh, I don't think we need it" Then upon realizing that it IS cute, LOVES any type of container, and notices that it's only a few bucks replies, "Well, ask Daddy if you can have it.  If he says yes, you may put it in the cart.  If he says no, we respect his answer and put it on the shelf and tell it goodbye."
Ryan:  (out of Mom's earshot): "Daddy, will my cars fit in here?"
Daddy:  "Yeah, a lot of cars would fit in that bag.  That's a cool bag."
Ryan:  (running back to Mommy).  "Daddy said YEAH!!!!!"
Mommy:  "Ok, then, put it in the cart and tell Daddy thank you!"
Daddy (returning):  "Liz, did you tell him he could have that?"
Details, details, details. (and if you must know, we didn't get the bag...but traded it for some educational Mickey flashcards.  Seth destroyed his share; Ryan carefully sorted and stacked his.)

And he's recently "met" mall mannequins and thinks they are amazing.  "Hi, I'm Ryan."  Then he obsesses about them needing to go potty.  "Do you need to go potty?  Do you go standing up like Mommy (don't ask)?  Do you go on the tree in the yard?  Do you go in the mall bathroom?  Do you get a cookie if you go potty at the mall"  (Now Seth is chanting "potty cookie potty cookie potty potty potty").  Back to Ryan, "Hey, I'm talking to you.  You need to be kind and talk to me.  Hey, I NEED TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT POTTY!"  Oh boy.  Seth grows louder and louder with the cookie-potty chant.

OR, back to the grocery store.  Ryan sees a few elderly ladies and to each of them says, "Hey.  That looks like Hannah.  She's sad because she doesn't have any children.  But Hannah gets a boy and gets so happy!"  (Hats off to you, 2s and 3s Sunday School teachers)  "Bye Hannah! See you at church in my class"

Seth is a one-man wrecking crew.  I actually took some video tonight of what its like to try to cook with Seth underfoot.  It would amaze even the toughest Moms out there.  He destroys, he shouts, he laughs, then he asks for "kisses!  kisses!", then back to destruction - like he's a child on fast forward.  Wears. Me. Out.

But I have a secret weapon:  popcorn and a movie.  Anytime I want I can guarantee 15 minutes of pre-bedtime peace.  Bedtime is the best time to reflect on all the blessings that come during the crazy/busy/funny/stressful/silly/tiring day.  Happiest 15 minutes of the day - I sit back, look at these little faces and am thankful to be One Girl Among these Special Boys:


une autre mère said...

This post was super cute, but I'm dying to know why Ryan thinks you pee standing up...

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Yes, I'm with Katie! Maybe I'll have to find something to bribe him to "open up" to me! :)
Your boys are soooo stinkin' cute! They've always been the cutest boys and now their personalities are just the cutest too!

peter marie said...

What funny stories!! That Ryan is a clever fella. And they're both adorable. It will be so fun to read these stories when they're older!