Thursday, January 14, 2010

My sister says to blog more....

I have no blogging material, yet my sister keeps bugging me to she asked for this:

  1. She has 5 kids: ages 2, 4, 6, 8, 10.  They are all blond little sweeties and she is an AMAZING mommy. 
  2. She can do EVERYTHING.  She's definitely my Mom's daughter (even though we tell her she is adopted...or worse things, like that she is Dan's daughter - don't ask). 
  3. She's an English teacher- disgustingly smart.  She said something at Christmas as part of a normal conversation with her kids to the tune of "it's a predicate nominative with the subjective clause preceding the penultimate plural consonant digraphs in the intrasitive conjective pronoun" or something like that.
  4. She makes THE BEST cookie bars and coffee cake - and she makes them for me anytime I visit.  And she sends them to me after I have babies, which makes me want to have more babies.
  5. Her kitchen is like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle:  everything has its specific place in the master picture.  If you turn the baking soda just a little too far to the right, nothing works.  She has 16 of everything - green beans, bread, bran flakes, you name it.  And they are all stacked perfectly - just like you would see in a magazine.  It's slightly obsessive-compulsive, but totally amazing. Organization is an understatement, for sure.
  6. She lost her wedding ring once at a grocery store and the person that found it thought it wasn't real because it was SO TINY.  Her fingers are like size 2, which I, sausage-link-fingers, am jealous of.
  7. She had "mono" during her wedding and honeymoon.
  8. She was stalked obsessively by a dorky kid from Illinois all through high school and college and she took pity on him and married him....and made him cool.
  9. Growing up, we shared a bed and she would let me sleep EVERY NIGHT with my arm under her pillow.
  10. She's a great Mom, Daughter, Sister and Friend. 
SMOOCHIES to you, sissy! 


une autre mère said...

Awww, how sweet! I hope my girls get along as well as you two when they're older.

And, seriously... I want to be her. She sounds amazing.

The Sneaky Mommy said...

You totally make me smile! And maybe giggle some too! Your sister sounds as amazing as my older sister--especially since they spoil us! On a serious note, I need her blueprints for an organized, well-stocked kitchen. Seriously! Maybe she should start a blog so you could bug her!

Anonymous said...

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