Saturday, January 9, 2010

Free family entertainment

We've been hearing that BassPro was a really cool place.  Honestly, it wasn't even in our top 10,000 places to go in our lifetime, but we decided to go visit last night.  AMAZING!  The place was AWESOME!  It kept our boys entertained for 2 hours!  It was quite educational, too (for all of us).  Seriously, it's the closest thing to an indoor zoo that Des Moines has:

"Hello, bear.  I'm Ryan.  Want some of my chicken?":

We ate dinner at Uncle Bucks (good food and reasonably priced and super friendly service) and there was so much to look at that we barely noticed the wait for our food.  Dozens of huge fish hanging above our table.  "That's the biggest fish ever ever EVER":

An impressive, huge aquarium and waterfall:

A shooting range (laser), tons of animals, interesting items for sale, we had a BLAST for just the cost of a dinner out....we didn't even go bowling, but I wanted to. (I seriously doubt that bowling with a 2 and 1 year old would have been really fun..)  Totally recommend it!

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Jenn said...

We went and saw santa there in December, never really cared to go there either, except my sister in law told me there were free pictures with Santa. Dane also thought it was great fun. He loved the fish.