Sunday, June 3, 2012

Spiderman's party

The morning that he turned 5, everything changed. According to his 6:00 AM reports, he could run faster, talked and sounded different, won't sin as much, will do more awesome stuff, has more 'moves' (dance and fighting and wrestling and gymnastics), is closer to kindergarten, can help his brothers more, knows how to coach football, understands how cars work, knows how to count to went on and on and on.  And I thought all these major accomplishments deserved a party.  So, party on.

Happy birthday, my special little man.
Ready to go!

Can you guess what his theme was?
Goodies :)

Chowing down

Cupcake decorating station (really, I'm just lazy and didn't want to do it myself.  Or transport decorated ones.)

Reed enjoyed a cupcake. But, he enjoys eating anything.

Superhero capes
Designing their superhero gear

Ryan's best buddy Camryn
I love really dumb captions like "riding the carousel"...cuz you couldn't figure that out on your own.
SupermanReed riding the bench on the carousel.
Um.  Scary-big slides.
Ryan had a blast and Seth is still convinced that there is another party soon at Adventureland.  Unless he's planning and paying for it, it's not happening.  We've had blessed five years with Ryan and are so thankful for him.  Here's hoping the next 5 years are just as great.  Happy birthday, Ryan!



The Sneaky Mommy said...

Cuuuute! What an awesome party! You are queen of
cool details, too!
*I need a tutorial on those capes! Are they from t-shirts? You may have just saved me from trying to sew nine capes for jr girls camp! (I hope. I hope. I hope.)

une autre mère said...

Again, another awesome party!!! I love those capes too! We need a tutorial, supermama! And those invitations are killing me. Way too cute!!! Happy late birthday, spiderman Ryan!!