Monday, July 18, 2011

Read-Writer or Reed Rider

SO much has been said about the "big boys" that I wanted to dedicate an entire post to our newest little addition. Well, he WAS little. For about a week. And then he grew....a a pound a week since birth. Don't get me wrong - Reed is still ridiculously snuggly-precious-cute, but he just seems to want to grow FAST! He's such a sweet kid. A few thoughts and some newborn pictures of the little monkey that just made our lives even more complete:

  • He. Is. Good. We don't deserve such a good kid. He's easy-cheesy! *Maybe* it's the fact that my current level of normal is already chaotic, busy, and loud and I just don't really notice a difference with a newborn around. Maybe. But, he's also just a good little guy. Doesn't cry much and when he does, he has a reason. Solve the problem, and he's happy as can be.
  • The kid LOVES his sleep. Tonight, for instance, the big kids are at my feet having a "campout" in the family room (sleeping in sleeping bags on the floor, watching movies and staying up late is THE COOOOLEST thing ever for them. Please note, Troy is already asleep, Seth is talking a mile a minute and Ryan is reminding him, "Seth, if you don't want to be quiet and watch the movie, you can go sleep upstairs, little buddy.")....I fed Reed at 9:15, rocked him (just because I wanted to) and put him in his crib...drowsy, but not asleep. Haven't heard a peep. He's slept through the night the last few nights. (I'm sure I'm jinxing myself here.) Like his Daddy someone else I know, he is just low-key and laid back.
  • His brothers LOVE him.  Wondered if we would have jealousy problems...nope.  Seth The Wildcard can be a little intense, but he says at least a dozen times a day...."Oh Reedy, you're so CUTIE!".  They get his paci, they burp him, they throw away his diapers, they talk to him, they sing to him....brothers are just awesome.
  • My Mom was right.  She always told me that just when you think you can't love your kids any more than you already do, and a new baby comes along, you still have immeasurable love for the new one.  My heart isn't divided by 3 (well, 4 counting Troy), it feels like it is 3 times BIGGER than before.  Is that possible?  I guess my Mom WOULD know these things, huh?
  • Having 3 kids isn't nearly as bad as everyone warned us.  Yep, I'm sure I'll laugh at that sentence sometime soon.  Reed can't move/talk/throw fits/sin too noticibly YET. But for now, it is just wonderful.
  • He's going to have that flat, wide smile.  Melts my heart.
  • He looks pretty snazzy in a tie.
  • He LOVES being outside.  Instant happiness.
  • He sleeps best on his tummy (yes, that's not allowed, I know, I know...)
  • I kissed him at least 100 times today.  Those cheeks - I can't help it.
Here's the little prince that allowed me to keep my blog name the same....for now..... :)

Credit for these sweet newborn pictures goes to:  Megan Blunk & Capri Photography

Insert Catchy Comeback Title Here

I'm making a blog-comeback. Yeah, I've been a little busy. First, I was wishing I had some grand crazy reason that I've been gone for so know, a 6 month cruise, working overseas, battling and winning an incurable disease, starring in a Hollywood blockbuster...but, honestly, I've been busy with something a lot more important and special than those "reasons".

Here's one reason: Here's another reason (yes, he's on the potty):

And yet a third reason:

Yes, these three kiddos (and their daddy) have been keeping my hands full. But I can't think of anything more fun to be busy with :) [Wow, I've even lost my grammar abilities - I just ended a sentence with a preposition...ouch, I'm rusty]
Can't wait to bore you all with stories, antics, and ramblings from our household. After all, I'm STILL One Girl Among Boys :)