Wednesday, May 30, 2012


One of the highlights of May was the end of Ryan's preschool journey.
Yes, I know I put this picture on Facebook, but its just such a precious one.  It looks posed, but actually it was a quick snapshot that I was lucky to get when Troy just reached out his hand.  You can see Daddy smiling, see Ryan giving his proud face of satisfied accomplishment, with his "4 year old book" tucked safely under his arm.  He was SO proud of himself.  Just one of those moments......

And Seth was pretty pumped about the whole "end of preschool program", too.  Ryan, as usual, took it a little more seriously than his younger brother.
 Ryan's preschool class.  That's his girlfriend next to him in the red shirt.  I could tell so many stories that would embarrass him, but I won't.  It's not appropriate.  But I hope they get married, have lots of babies and live next door to me.
 This is Seth's class.  After an entire year, he claims he still doesn't know any of his friends names and says they do "nuffing" in class every day.  Yeah, I'm going to rely heavily on his brothers to keep me up-to-date on Seth's activity outside the home since I won't be getting much of report from him!
 Singing it up...
 Being silly before the program.
Celebrating at the zoo after graduation

Other stuff that went down in May - they played soccer.  Um, they're not good.  No future for us in that sport.  But they had fun. 
 Reed loved watching his bros.
 Seth, taking things seriously, or not, whatever.  But his squirrelyness worked....for the other team....when his only goal was one for "the orange team".  Spent then rest of the game doing awkward dances on the field singing "I'm gonna get ice cream now."
 Ryan developed some hustle this season.  Look at those wheels!

First Birthday Party

Oh, my little Reed.....happy birthday to you!

Having a hard time figuring out how this little picnic basket of a baby is now an entire year old. But it is true...

But, no time to be all nostalgic.  Birthday boys wake up at 6 AM.  His morning started out with donuts from Caseys (at the request of his older brothers) and some fruit.  Ignore the ugly face stitches, no big deal.
 And more eating at lunch.  He met his cousin, Jagger, for the first time.  Jagger is a the happiest, most easy-going kid on the planet.  They shared some good stories and laughs.  Like two old men gossiping in the corner....
 Lots of food.  Lots of it.  I have leftovers if anyone is interested.  A few things to mention that are shown in this picture.  Silverware wrapped in cute napkins and tied with cute scrapbook paper.  WHY!?!?!? have I never done this before?  I'm always setting out random ugly heaps of my best plastic ware; takes up too much room, is ugly (like I said) and ends up on the floor when kids come through the line.  This way is so much cuter, takes up less space, is organized (happiness).  Its the simple things.  Yeah, not rocket science, but sometimes I'm slow to come up with ideas...even if others have been doing it for decades. I should suggest this at restaraunts....oh...wait.  Next, scrapbook paper is awesome.  Next, next, Lisa Ann Designs photography - had pictures taken Tuesday night and had printed pics on Saturday for the party.  Reed was "off" (to put it nicely) during the "shoot" but she somehow made him look happy and like he didn't have stitches on his face.  She's great.  Period.  Next, next, next - VeggieStix chips.  Love them.  It's the only veggie I really crave.  (don't judge)  And yes, that's my bro.  I didn't edit him out since his family came all the way from Phoenix to see me (and a few others, I suppose).  We were so happy to see him and Josalyn and Jags.
 Again, my obsession with scrapbook paper.  12 months of Reeder Peeder:
 Dessert, yes, yes, yes!  Two of Reed's favorites as dessert "appetizers" - M&Ms and marshmallows (not that he's actually  been bribed fed with these before, I'm just guessing he would like them).  And I ran out of energy/time/desire (sorry 3rd baby of mine) to make a big cake, so I went the cakepop and cookies route.
 But we did have cute drinks....
 Reed LOVED his cake.  He LOVED every second of it.  See?  He thought the frosting was awesome...not.  Ok, guess he was a little rude to me about the whipped frosting.  But when he got to the cake, all was better.
 See?  All better?
And, as you likely know by now, we're a pants-optional house.  So, don't be surprised by this one.  But his shirt is cute enough, riiiiiight?  The green ball that his brothers picked out for him:

Well, one (more) year of infinite blessings for which to be thankful. 

Next up on the birthday train express - Ryan turns 5.  Friday.  Partying it up.  Can't wait.  Although Ryan had a major meltdown about his birthday.  It was actually really sad.  He was sobbing saying that he didn't want a birthday because he "doesn't want to be a daddy yet".  He doesn't want to be 5 because he "still wants to be 4 so he can be a kid and play."  He had concluded that he was "going too far old and going to be a daddy next year or really soon" and wanted it "to go slower".  Wowza.  We had a long chat and he realized 5 year olds are still kids and have as much fun as 4 year olds and can do even MORE.  Still, was quite sad.  But he's ready to party now. And so am I.  Love these wild kids ;)