Monday, August 29, 2011

"You'd better write that down!"

I hear it every day:  Those kids are growing up so fast!  I can't believe how time flies!  Wow, they are getting big!  Yes, I feel like I *blink* and have to look around, pinch myself, and remind myself that it is indeed 2011, I have a 4 year old, an almost 3 year old, and a 3 month old.  Yes, they grow up fast.  But you know what else I hear a LOT?  "I hope you're writing these things down!" or "Better write that one down or you'll never remember it."  Each time I think that THIS is the cutest thing ever and I'll NEVER forget said cute thing.  But, 2 hours later I don't even remember my middle name.  Whirlwind of life.  So, this past May I made a promise to myself to do A Sentence A Day.  That's all there is to it.  I write a sentence down each day about each kid.  Quick, easy, usually done right before bed when I'm thinking about the silliness of the day.  Sometimes its not what they say or do, but just something enjoyable about the day.  Something I learned.  Something I'll NEVER do again.  Etc.  Because all these people are right - I'll forget it.  And at the end of the year, I always make a photobook of the year's events, and now I'm going to add all these little one-liners.  So it may end up like our wedding's around here somewhere....but I can see myself in 40 years:  crazy lady in my rocking chair, talking to my pet bird....all my little boys grown and gone off into the world.  But I won't be bored; I'll be reading all these precious moments, wishing I would have taken life less seriously, remembering the people and places that were really important, recalling that the happiest moments are the simplest, and reading all these sentences that tell our crazy life story.  Hey, they might make some great leverage over "too cool" high school boys, too.  Why not? 

Like today:  Seth had the best time EVER helping me core apples.  "Mommy, can I get up here and help you be your good helping helper?  I need to get pants on first!" Ryan has the option of going to the football game tonight with Troy and standing on the sidelines (since Troy isn't actually coaching this one).  As if he's doing me a favor - "Mom, I'll go to the game IF you let me skip my nap this afternoon...because football boys don't take naps."  Reed rode in the stroller through Target and HyVee and barely took his eyes off me the entire time.  Each time we made eye contact, he smiiiiiiiiiled with his entire body.  Got a cute little lion squeaker toy from a friend at lunch today and he LOVED it.

Anything fancy?  Nope.  Anything special?  To me, yes. 

Or last Thursday, made the boys' night by buying these cheapy planes, letting the suspense build up all day, and then having special "daddy time" flying planes when he got home.  Ryan flew his all over the backyard. 

Seth got a picture taken, threw it once, then stepped on it and smashed it and moved on to the next thing.

On another note, I survived my first football game with 3 rowdy boys:
Such sweet faces:


Nicole said...

Writing down the one liners and putting them in their books is a great idea! Might have to steal that one. You do have 3 cuties!!

une autre mère said...

Oh Liz, you're such a great mom! I love the idea of writing down their one-liners and adding them to a scrapbook too! You're pretty much a genius. But then again, you already knew that, right? ;)

Oh, and HATS OFF TO YOU for surviving a game with all 3 boys!! Wish "Knoxville" was actually "Ankeny", so I could help you out. :)

The Sneaky Mommy said...

You are the most "on the ball" genius mom I've ever met! Your boys are so blessed! I'm thinking book writing about motherhood should be in your future...

Anonymous said...

In this last picture, Seth's expression is the spitting image of you. I've never noticed that before. So cute! And, yes, I agree with Londa. I'm going to give you a new title: OBGYM (for most "on the ball genius you've ever met"). Ha. Add that to the hats you wear, why don't ya? --Jess