Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Floppy, flat pillows :(
So I'm great at looking around and noticing problems.  Critical?  Check.  Got that covered.  Complainer?  Yep, that comes pretty naturally to me.  Well, maybe I'm being a little hard on myself ....but I've been so annoyed with my flat, squished couch pillows lately. 

When we bought these couches we only had a 1 week old baby and while I warned my dear husband that couches with removable pillows for the back was going to present a lot of parenting *challenges* as the kid(s) grew, he loved them so much (and I loved that he actually loved something at the furniture store) that we threw caution to the wind and got them.  2 active boys later - our pillow cushions have no "cush". 

It was/is a house rule to not take them off the couch, sleep on them (ga-ross), jump on them (again, ga-ross),  etc, but somehow they've just gotten saggy, baggy, lifeless and make sitting on the couch a chore.  And sitting should NEVER be a chore, right?  Well, stop complaining!  Do something about it!  Ta Da!  A few bags of poly-fil and batting later, and I've got a new couch.

Sad, saggy couch

And after! 

Maybe the pictures don't reeeeeally show it well, but it is a very noticable change.  Well, to me anyway....I didn't say anything to Troy and he has yet to notice.  Of course, he hasn't sat on the couch yet (just got home) but I'm CERTAIN that he will notice.  Right?  Guys totally notice these things....these important things like couch cushions, right?

And the next project...going to make some super fun reusable snack bags.  I've been using way too many ziplocs and such, so these are going to be frugal, fun, and fiercely cute. 

Step 1: Make a BIG mess.  (Pants optional if you're 2)
Steps 2 - 5,435 coming soon :)


Choose Joy said...

I can totally see the difference! Boys don't notice much unless is sitting on a plate with gravy.

une autre mère said...

I see a huge difference! Do you wanna come over and do mine too? :) Can't wait to see your reusable bags. Seems like you're on a bit of a "crafty" kick lately, huh? How does the wife of a head football coach do it all?! You're one amazing lady! :)