Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Reeder Pete

Don't ask me why, that's just what I've started calling him.  Troy thinks that is stupid.  He thinks Reedo-buh-deedo is MUCH cooler. (He'd KILL me if he knew I shared that.)  But you know how you say things and they just stick?  Yep, he's "Pete" for short.  I've gotta stop that. 
But, my little sweet guy is 3 months old.  A quarter of a year.  91 days.  And he's about doubled his weight.  Imagine if YOU doubled your weight in 3 months.  I'd weigh like 200 pounds.  Wow.  (Ha ha ha, did you catch that fancy math?!)
Anyway, I love that little guy.  Yes, he USED to be little.  Like when he was a week old:

But today he is 3 months.  Can you tell Ryan is showing you "3"?
He's such a sweet baby.  Sleeps like a baby (ha ha), smiles, coos...yep, a pretty normal baby :)  But, he has some things that make him "Reed" - He smashes his face against his bed for 30 seconds before falling asleep. He instantly relaxes when he goes outside. He has a huge spread between his big toes and the rest of his piggies.  His biggest smiles are for Ryan.  He squints his eyes when Seth comes near. (Seth is a great brother, just a *smidge* loud...why is it that the kid who is scared to death of loud noises IS the loudest noise?!?!)  He has certain toys he likes.  Others he will only yell at.  He has had only 1 diaper blow out.  He's bigger than 96% of the other babies his age.  (Dad is thrilled...me....yeah, I just have to carry him every.where.) He LOVES having his face rubbed lightly.  He is mucho ticklish.  He likes bananas.  (I'm guessing - it's not like Troy gave him an eensie teensie bite and he loved it.  Nope, that didn't happen...)  He loves to snuggle and take baths.  He's a Mommy's boy. He's just just a gift to our family...and I can't stop kissing those chubby cheeks...and rather spacious forehead. (It's a Bunt thing.)  Sooooo many people were hoping for a girl for us.  And a girl would be fun. BUT, I can't imagine anyone other than little Reedo-buh-deedo.

THRILLED to be One (and only one) Girl Among Boys.


Nicole said...

You guys sure do make cute little boys!

Jenn said...

Reed is so cute, wait all 3 of them are adorable. I want to be just like you and have 3 boys. Know/No this is not announcement of any sort, just thinking about how fun boys are:o)