Tuesday, August 23, 2011

There is a season

Seems like we've just watched summer fly by...

Well, I say "summer", but really we have different seasons here at casa de Rider:  Off-season, Pre-season and Football season.  So, where normal people are talking about 'back to school', 'fall', 'beginning of the year', etc....I've been enjoying the last 3 months at home and am now gearing up for "The. Season."  Yeah, I know, it is just a sport....it is only a game...a favorite pastime.....but to my husband (and therefore, me!) it is a mission, a passion, a hobby, a job, a game, and about an 18 hour a day "pastime".  So I'm gearing up, re-energizing, getting my game face on, refusing to complain (about eating dinner alone, about never seeing my husband, about being a secretary for hours a day, wait...no, I'm not supposed to be complaining) and realizing that this is the first time the boys really GET what is going on.  So.....here's what it looks like around here:

Helmets?  Check.

Football Guys? Check.

Black and Gold Shoes? Check.

So, I'm ready for ya, football season. Wait, hold on....gotta sort and alphabetize plays.  Ok, I'm back.  Oh, just a sec, gotta warm up the laminator.  Alright, I'm here again.  Ah, excuse me a minute...need to order a few more items.  No, really, I've got a few spare minutes now - I'm focused on finishing this.  What, Troy?  Suuuuuure, I'm ready to proofread.  Let me just finish this post.  Oh, laminator is ready....
Ah forget it....I'll blog later ;)
I am sooooooooooo One Girl Among B.O.Y.S. 

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