Wednesday, August 24, 2011

2 new big pieces

I'm really excited about some new LARGE things at our house. (No, this isn't another blog about chunky Reed.)  First, my in-laws remembered when I mentioned years ago that I've been on the hunt for a china cabinet.  Troy's grandparents gave us beautiful china for our wedding; we've used it, but store it in the boxes that it came in (keeping it classy!) and I've wanted to be able to store it somewhere a little more grown-upishlike.  But a) china cabinets are expensive and b) I'm picky - I needed just the right kind.  Well, I've searched for 6 years and never bought one.  So, I was tha-RILLed when Troy's parents called to ask us if we wanted theirs (they are moving and downsizing).  Uh, YES!  I do!  I didn't even remember what it looked like, but who says no to FREE!?!?  [certainly not a Bunt - its not in our DNA] So, within a few days, they brought it up.  It was larger than I remembered (we have a small dining room), and had some funky hardware on it....but it was SO awesome to have something that belonged to his great shape...and did I mention FREE?

Well, my Mom-in-law said she didn't mind if I made a few minor alterations so...poof!  Switched out the hardware (which of course can never be as easy as it should - required drilling and all kinds of measuring-blech).  And then I put in some fabric panels in the lower portion because a) I don't have THAT much pretty stuff to display and b) I DO have a ton of junk that I want to hide.  Traded the brass for some smokey black to match the rest of our dining furniture....and here it is!

(Please ignore the stuff inside - I just put it in for effect, not organized yet.)

And theeeeeeen, our snazzy neighbors make all kinds of wooden outdoor stuff.  I'm not usually a buy-wooden-stuff-to-display-in-your-yard type of gal, but I couldn't pass up this sweet picnic table.  Fits 4 little kids (perhaps 3 boys and a girl?  hmmmmm...?) They wanted only $35 for this - great quality (it's a lot bigger than it appears in this picture) and since we brought it home, the boys have eaten Every. Single. Meal at it.  Fine with me and Reed!
("Mom, we are making silly faces, can you tell?  I'm doing this silly face!!!!")

What fun!  What major scores!  Yippee!

Oh, and random picture of the day.  I don't think it was a coincidence that as soon as I started my shower this morning, I heard feet jump out of bed, head downstairs and get very quiet.  Here's what I found:
Yes - that is two practically naked boys hiding under the table (they were hiding in the dark, but the camera flash made it appear light) with a bag of Twizzlers.  But.....could you be angry at these faces?
 Now, to all of you who are judging me about showering while the kids were up - I usually do get ready before they wake up.  But this particular day I was awake at 5 AM and worked for 2.5 hours, while hanging out with Reed for 2 of those hours, THEN put Reed down, THEN made breakfast, then tried to sneak in a shower before they got up.  But apparently, those naughty buggers were waiting for me to get in the bathroom...and then they executed a rather well-thought out plan.
 Don't judge. :P And yes, I gave them a stern lecture...and then crawled under the table and asked them to share with me :) Oops, hope they remember that lecture tomorrow morning!


Nicole said...

Your china cabnet is beautiful!! I have been asking for one for 9 years! My china is also in boxes. I take showers with the girls up all the time. I might not get a shower in if I didn't.

une autre mère said...

Great job on the china cabinet! Beautiful! And that picnic table is awesome too! Only $35? That's a steal!

And no, I don't judge you for showering with the kids up. I do it all the time while Millie and Tate play (fight) in my room. Or in their rooms. Or in the street. Whatever.

Oh and one more thing... when did Seth get so grown up?!?!