Friday, July 2, 2010

More vacation

Rock climbing:

Stopping for a quick drink:

Next stop...Pikes Peak
We MADE it to the top - both kids are sleeping and totally uninterested..

Getting ready for our horseback ride through the mountains.  Yes, we were brave enough to take a 3 and 1 year old on a 2 HOUR ride. 

Mom and Seth...and Georgia, our horse (or zebra, or dragon, or cow...depending on Seth)

During our ride, we got to see helicopters attempting to put out a forest fire.  Interesting.

A ROCK!!!! Wowzers.

We've seen lots of elk or mule deer (I still can't tell the difference.)

Exhausted little boys:

And now, Ryan has altitude sickness or something - fever, not eating, sleeping a lot, vomitting.  Awesome.  But he's a trooper and is trying to hang on!!! We're off to Denver for the weekend, then heading back home :(


Choose Joy said...

Your such a fun family....Love the family photos:)

Party of Seven said...

It looks like such fun when you blog about it. No heat. No whining. No bug bites. I'll not tell Mark you don't know your mule deer from your elk--such a disgrace to the family. LOVED being with you! P.S. Hire a better family photographer next time. Sorry.