Saturday, July 3, 2010

Keep the fun coming

We had to say goodbye to my sissy and her family today (SO glad we vacationed together) and we had a tough decision to make:

Do we go home (since now BOTH kids were throwing up?) or do we continue on our vacation (with the hotel reservations and baseball tickets we already purchased)??  Well, we started off slowly by throwing some rocks in the river:

Then, all week I was obsessed with the Stanley Hotel - the one from Stephen King's The Shining.  I found out last week that it was in Estes like any goofy tourist, I had to check it out:

Remember the creepy hallway? 
I've never read the book, but as soon as I'm done with this ridiculously long classical novel that I vowed to finish (I'm on page 569 of 1069...sigh) I'm going to read The Shining. 

Weellllllll...we decided to keep on vacationing.  Seth rebounded really quickly and Ryan came around eventually.   We headed to Denver and visted the Underwater Adventure Aquarium.  It was really really neat.  You can tell how Ryan didn't feel too great:

But Seth LOVES fish:

We bought a silly stuffed shark for both boys and Ryan perked up.  It could have been the REAL tiger we saw (yes, at an aquarium!?!?) or it could have been the 10th dose of Tylenol kicking in...but we were just happy to see him happy!

Seth LOVED this water shooter thing - push a button and water sprays out.  He was soaked!

Troy found a really cool hotel:  The Magnolia.  We were quite nervous upon check in because it is clearly about 3 stars more than we are used to...but it is BEAUTIFUL!  Our room is huge (3 full rooms plus a full kitchen) and we got a really good deal online!
Finally Ryan ate something - popcorn.  Yeah, I know - not the best choice...but at least he got some calories in his system.

Tomorrow we're "riding the train" (shhhh...don't tell Ryan that it is actually just the public transportation system), heading to a Rockies game...and maybe seeing King Tut on display here. Seriously, downtown Denver is really really awesome.  Too much to say about it...maybe later!


une autre mère said...

So, so fun! I love the first pic of your face. Hee hee.

Can't wait to see you guys again! The way our vacations are lining up, it might not be for another month...

peter marie said...

Wow, you guys know how to vacation!
Glad the boys are feeling better. Hope the rest of your time there is amazing!

Party of Seven said...

So, so, SOOOOO glad that you stuck with your plans. Sounds/looks like you had a wonderful time exploring Denver. You are awesome vacationers!

KMB said...

Glad you guys decided to stay and check out Denver. You have made me miss my home soooo much. It's a good thing I'm going there in two days otherwise I might've stowed away in some of your luggage :)