Monday, July 19, 2010

A fun organizational tool

Would anyone actually admit NOT loving checklists?  I used to think I was unique for loving lists...but really, that is like saying "I love breathing."  or "I love going to sleep at night."  or "I love Christmas."  Aren't lists just a natural and wonderful part of everyone's life?  Please, if you don't love lists, let me know:  I'll put you on my convert-to-a-list-lover list.  Anyway, I was looking for some fun tools and found

This site has free, downloadable, printable lists for LOTS of things.  There are almost too many list templates (unless you need blood pressure tracker?  or a camping checklist?)  Anyway, some are blank templates, but the Travel Packing Checklist is partially completed for you, as are others.  Oh, this site was like finding a long lost friend on Facebook.  I smiled...too wide....and had to explain to my husband why I was so amused.  I guess I found someone to add to my convert-to-a-list-lover list!

Have fun.  I hope this saves you some time; inspires you to get even more organized this week.  AND, this site inspired me to begin working on something that I've been told to do:  start a household binder.  So, although creating a new binder has me giggling like a child with her first allowance in Dollar Tree, I can kinda get annoyed with all the "stuff" the finance and home planner people say you HAVE to keep in a binder.  (I simply refuse to keep all my oil changes logged on a spreadsheet.)  Therefore, I'm going to create my own household binder and am going to periodically post the things I'm if you decide to take this voyage with can add along to yours, too!  Have a great week!


Nikkers said...

What colorful lists they are. Maybe I'll have to start a binder with you. I am good at making a grocery list, and a menu (kind of). I know I need to make other lists. Maybe I would get more accomplished in a week rather than start something and get side tracked and forget what I was doing.

Party of Seven said...

So, what's in your larder?

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Hmmm...may have to give you full credit and use this for a Thrifty Thursday! Love all the variety of list templates!
I would love to join you in the household binder, but that Cody's area and yes, I believe he already "binds".
I'd like to invent a list making tool that was like a magna paper wasted, pencil always attached, and large enough to find on top of any toy box!

peter marie said...

I like making lists for the sake of making lists, but I never cross things off when I do/buy the stuff, but I'm working on it! Good find!

Sarah said...

Great site! I also need to create a household binder so I'll try my best to keep up with you. :)