Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thoughts on 30

Well, I'm an old 30 year old now. Honestly, it happened so quickly and painlessly that I barely felt it..more like a small speedbump in the road than the falling-off-the-end-of-a-cliff that so many people make it out to be. But I guess its a matter of perspective and reality. Reality - we get older. Perspective - I've had an amazing run during my 20s and I'm proud to enter the "sophisticated 30s". So I was reading an old friend's blog today. ("Old" - because she too, turned 30 today and "old" because I knew her when I was only a 3rd grader, when her sweet mom was our teacher. One of the best teachers ever! We had a secret cheerleading club that sometimes met under her desk. Ah, good times, when back then "30" was 10 lifetimes away!) Anyway, she listed out some of the major events of her 20s.  Now, her list is a lot fancier and impressive than mine (I still haven't been out of the country!), but it was so much fun that I wanted to play along.  So, I listed 30 events from the past decade, again, just to keep things in perspective.  Have fun reading, and consider making your own list.  I think you'll be amazed at what happens while we're too busy to stop and take note :) [not chronological.....I'm getting old and can't possibly put this in the right order, sorry]
  1. Married a wonderful man
  2. Finished my bachelors degree
  3. Got my first "real" job
  4. Finished my masters degree
  5. Became a CPA
  6. Got pregnant and had Ryan
  7. Barely got un-pregnant and had Seth
  8. Welcomed 8 nieces and nephews to the far (out of 9 total!)
  9. Spent 2 weeks in my favorite city - New York!
  10. Watched my favorite baseball team win the World Series
  11. Took a hot air balloon ride over the Pacific Ocean
  12. Bought a house, sold the house, bought another house
  13. Lost my grandmother
  14. Joined an amazing church and met some of the best friends on the planet
  15. Learned what it was like to be married to a football coach
  16. Voted in 3 presidential elections
  17. Got a dog
  18. Set foot in 23 states
  19. Lived through 2 "100 year floods"
  20. Bought 4 cars (first was a cool Monte Carlo, last was a minivan..hmmmmmm.)
  21. Started teaching college business classes
  22. Learned a LOT about cooking, home repair/remodeling, yardwork, photography
  23. Read approximately 270 books
  24. Went to my first NFL game ever (saw Brett Favre...he smiled at me...or in my general direction....or maybe he was squinting in the stadium lights)
  25. Only got ONE speeding ticket
  26. Saw our country attacked by terrorists
  27. "Got" 4 new sisters-in law and 2 new brothers-in-law
  28. Potty-trained a boy
  29. Attended approx 120 college or high school football games (times 1 hot dog each)
  30. Watched my husband acheive a lifelong dream of becoming a head coach
Ok, some are huge...others are silly....but each adds a splash of color to the larger picture of my last decade. I'm SO thankful to have reached my 30th birthday. I'm so thankful for everyone that God has written into my life.  I'm so thankful for everything He is teaching me through the HUGE things and the SILLY things. Whatever your age, take a minute to reflect in the correct perspective and throw in a dose of reality, will ya?


Jenny said...

Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving such a lovely comment. I will enjoy following your blog too, as I can see we have a few things in common, although I have a few years on you lol...... I too am a girl in the midst of boys, as I have three sons. Thanks again for reading my blog and leaving a sweet comment.

une autre mère said...

So fun! And your list was by no means boring. A hot-air balloon ride over the Pacific? Very cool. Along with many other of your fine achievements. Of course my fave was you coming to the Creek and meeting AWESOME friends! (I'm just assuming I fall in that category...) Welcome to your 30's. It's nice to have you here. :)

peter marie said...

What an awesome list! Being 30 isn't so bad, eh? :)

Sarah said...

I can hardly believe it's been over 20 years since we were in my mom's class together! The cheerleading club was fun, but I think my favorite memories are of walking to the Ben Franklin store in Bunker Hill and buying Fun Dip! We had so many fun times!

I loved your list too. Where does your husband coach now?