Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Patio Promises

I promised to show some pictures of my birthday/mothers day/anniversary present and I'm finally following through.  Along with some other fun surprises, I got THIS:

We love eating outside.  We HATE the stupid "helicopters" that bury our deck.  Yes, nature, Gods creation, beautiful....all that, but those things are ANNOYING.  I think they are finally done falling so we'll sweep one last time.  I also need an umbrella.  If anyone finds one that doesn't cost a zillion dollars, but isn't the cheapy plastic flimsy kind, let me know and I'll give you a present. The table is great because it sits 6 comfortably and came with a bonus:

2 lounge chairs with little ottomans and side table.  Fun, fun, fun.  I can just imagine myself sitting out there with a good book in the warm summer sun, a sweet tea in my hand...birds singing....peace....quiet.....I'm 70 and retired.  No, I WILL enjoy these.  I WILL take time to sit and relax.  They will not just be another toy for Seth to climb.

Anyway, thank you to my husband who lovingly took the add that I cut out and strategically placed on his football paper pile (several times) and acted on my not-so-subtle hint.  I'm looking forward to having many people over to sit on these chairs soon.  Promise.

And simply because I live in awe of how wondeful God is to loan us these 2 little boys for a short time, I give you these "simple happiness" pictures--

Beautiful: (except for random ghostly white leg - some *stranger* stepped into the frame)
Ryan fishing:

When did Seth get so big? Wow:

Be thankful.  Be content.  Be in peace.
Be completely sobered, amazed, awed, inspired, by these AMAZING parents who had to usher their 7 month old son into Christ's open arms yesterday.  Wow.  Take a few minutes to read about Malachi - Little Man of Steal HERE.
And read about his parents moving testimony HERE.


peter marie said...

Looks awesome!! That will be so fun to lounge around...we'll see you Saturday? :)

Sarah said...

Your deck looks so nice! I would love to have an outdoor eating area...that is the one thing I'm missing most in our current house.

By the way, thanks for the recommendation on the Sony Reader. I really hadn't even thought of that one, but someone told me I can use it to borrow books from the local library- that would be nice! I am borrowing my neighbor's Kindle for a few days to see how I like it as well. I feel like it's such a big decision! haha!