Friday, May 21, 2010

It has been awhile

I guess I had a little vacation from the blog. Sorry. I know I've let so many people down. (wiping away the tears). I'm back. Our May, like everyone elses, is just jam-packed with fun. I had an anniversary, Mothers Day, several get-togethers with friends, my birthday, family move back to town, a business trip to Milwaukee to meet with my buds from the SEC, got sick, started to get better, planning for a birthday party...and this weekend is another slew of graduation and birthday parties, get-togethers - oh, the fun just doesn't end! AND add to all of this that Troy interviewed and accepted a coaching job nearby so we've been overwhelmed with all the administrative work that comes along with that. (I'm now his full time secretary - the guy is Microsoft-office challenged). We're very sad to be leaving Dowling but really excited for Troy to take the reigns of this special program. PLUS, his brother and great life-long friends will be joining the staff so this is a really special time for him and we're so proud of him. But the weirdness has already started: like when he left the house at 9:30 PM carrying a full-size wipe-off board, markers, and a stack of DVDs. "Uh, ok...bye! See you and the wipe off board later!"

In the meantime, Ryan is almost 3. Can you believe it?!? He just continues to amaze me. I know I'm biased....but he's smart like his Daddy. Sorry, hate to brag, but who's gonna stop me? The little squirt can memorize anything within a minute, is a counting pro, has almost all of his letters nailed, and has been leading the obey-revolution (currently, stay tuned until tomorrow when he turns a 180). I hope all those Mommies that warned us that 3 was worse than 2 were WRONG! Yes, I hope they were totally flat-out wrong. So far almost-3 has been WONDERFUL! Here are some videos I shot for the simple purpose of bragging. (I guess honesty is the best policy here. I can't be discrete):
Learning his verses:

Counting his cars (yes, I know his shirt is quite large, but its the only Cards shirt he has - big, but I can't wait another summer for this. He has 3 Cubs shirts and I'm trying to open up other options for him :-)

And he keeps up his "preacher man" habits. While waiting for the video to upload, I tell him I love him. Ryan, "Well, I love Jesus." Me: "Why do you love Jesus?" Ryan: "Because he made the bad man fall down dead." (Me thinking - WOW this is going really deep. I didn't know he had this figured out yet!) Me: "How did Jesus do that?" Ryan: "He picked up one stone from the river and put it in his swing and it went round and round and round and up in the air and BONKED the big bad giant on the head and made him fall down dead." Me: "errrrrrr, ummmmmmm... Yeah, that was David, not Jesus." Ryan: "Yeah, mommy. Jesus-David-Ryan-Alan-Rider" convsersation went nowhere really quickly after this....


The Sneaky Mommy said...

Welcome back! Congratulations Wife of the Head Coach!
Yeah for Ryan! What a smart, sweet little man!

une autre mère said...

What a smart little guy! He deserves to be bragged on! The memory verse stuff is quite impressive. Maybe he could help me out with that a little... ;)