Friday, January 20, 2012

The things they say...

  • Sethy, don't eat your lunch fast, cuz we have to nap when we get done. Eat slowly.
  • Mom, if someone really is fat, can we say 'fat', or is 'fat' always a bad word?  "Ryan, the word 'fat' isn't always bad, it is the way people use it that makes it bad....goes on explaining"  Ok, mom, so you were bad when you said Reed has a fat tummy and legs.  Those weren't kid words.
  • I wanna watch Winnie the Poop.  Ha ha.  Its "poop", right, Mom?  "No, its Pooh.  Like Pooh Bear."  Oh, ok, so I can say PooP? Whinnie the Poop poop poop [hysterical giggling]
  • Reed, stop that screeching or mommy will come pick you up and we won't be able to wrestle with you anymore.
  • S: Who is faster, Batman or God?  S; Ummmm, wait, I think Batman cuz he eats all his food.  R: God doesn't eat food.  S: Nope, God doesn't like food.  R:  Why would he make food if he doesn't like it?  S: I don't know.  R: Well, God doesn't have a mom that makes him eat everything on his plate. So Batman probably has more muscles from his food than God does.  (this debate went on a looooong time, but eventually died of its own philosophical and theological weight, thanks)
  • Know what I love most about daddy?  His, not his phone...his 'puter (computer)!
  • "Ryan, would it be fun to have a baby sister some day?" Um, no. No thank you.  "Really?  Mommy is a girl, don't you like girls and Mommy?"  Um, no.  Daddy said Sethy cries like a girl so maybe Seth can be like a girl.
  • In a conversation with Ryan I use the phrase, 'stand up for what is right'.  Seth chimes in:  "YES!  Like this!" Demonstrates standing on his right foot only.  :-/
And its not even 1:00
(My comments in "quotes".  Everything else is 100% theirs.)  Anyone else's kids talk too much!?!?!?


Julie said...

My second talks 24/7 and has a memory like an elephant.

Cute little sayings from your kids :o)

Jenn said...

Funny boys!! Can't wait to hear my guys conversations once Cade starts talking better.

kasey. said...

love it!