Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ate, i mean EIGHT, attributes of my littlest man.

1.  He is haaaaaaaa-peeeeeee.  Happy, if you're having trouble reading that.  The kid just loves life.  Sure, he has his moments of 'hey, pick me up!' and 'don't leave the room, mom!', but he has to fuss sometimes, right?  He is just sweet and happy almost all the time.
2.  He sucks his thumb. Yeah, whatevs, I'm sure he's ruining his not-even-here-yet-teeth and jaw structure, but in the meantime, he loves that thumb.  And it's cute.  Period.
3.  His bedtime routine is precious.  Eat, snuggle, put head on shoulder, twirl (my) hair, reach for the crib, lie down, then one thumb in the mouth and the other hand reaches to pull his favorite blankie up over him.  Nighty-night, Reed!
4.  He loves to eat.  Everything. Like, everything.  Want to know the one thing he doesn't like?  Yeah, me too.  We haven't found it yet.  He's eaten almost everything his parents have.  He chewed on a celery stalk and ate an entire lemon wedge (yes, ate it, not just sucked on it) last night after his baby food, while waiting for his "real" food at a restaurant.  This MAY be why he's in the 99th percentile for height and weight.  But, people!  We really do cut him off, he's not obese baby, he's not allowed to eat everything...he just wants to.  And you know how fun it is to feed babies that love to eat everything...."numnum-num-num-num"
5.  His first word was Ma-ma.  It really was.  So what if he hasn't said it again in the last 3 weeks.  He did several times over Christmas and that was good enough for me.
6.  He LOVES his brothers.  They barely have to look at him and he's giggling.  He's so entertained by them...and they LOVE that he loves them.  Now that he's crawling, he soooooo wants to be part of the action.
7.  He's tough and he likes the rough stuff.  This comes in handy in a family of all boys.  It also comes in handy when mom walks through a doorway and just slightly bumps his wiggly head on the doorframe. (oh come ON, you've done it too.  Admit it.)  Yes, I know that is horrible.  I've done it with each of the kids and it makes me sick, but it happens.  For the record though, I've never zipped up any of my kids tummies or chins in their jammies, never shut a hand or finger in a door/drawer or forgotten one at home.  So, I'm not THAT bad.  Getting back to my point, he just rarely is hurt; he thinks "rough" is fun.  Yes, I'm cringing as I type this...I understand 3 rough boys...but, at least I don't have sissy boys (as of today).

8.  He knows me.  And loves me.  Despite me being me.  What a priceless gift he's been for these last 8 months.  Happy "8 months day, Reeder!"


Julie said...

Aww he sounds like a sweet lil guy :o)

BTW, my three oldest have all fallen out of shopping carts at least once. And our fourth, I forgot her in the car twice and at home (in her carseat) once :o/ Im terribly nervous about our fifth, my hubby and I have already made a pact to do head counts and always check the back seat (I forgot her in the car when I had only her along, I forgot she was there because she was sleeping away in her carseat). I sound like a terrible and irrisponsible mom... All those incidents with forgetting where when she was tiny and new so I wasnt used to four kids. Anyway. I feel like maybe I shouldnt post this comment...

Hilary said...

so cute, liz! what a lucky mama you are. :)

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Aw! We love Reed! He's a stinkin' cutie pie! I hope he and Maddox will be good little buddies! We just found out Maddox is in the 93rd percentile for height--we have little giants on our hands!

Jessica said...

So cute. Love that little guy. And the others, of course. :)

une autre mère said...

Aw, now that is just precious! So glad God gave you such a happy little guy. Those smiles are completely heart-melting! And where in the world does he get those taste buds from?!? I'm thinkin' not his mama... ;)

Oh, and I am one of those terrible mothers who has zipped her daughter's chin in her coat. Yikes, I know. Pretty sure I cried longer than she did!

Nicole said...

What a cutie! I have bumped heads, legs, and arms on door ways, and Olivia has fallen out of a grocery cart, although, I don't think that is my falt when the cart was broken.