Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Custom personalized artwork...LOVE IT

My super talented friend, Abby (click her name...do it, do it, do it...her blog is WAY cooler than mine) has painted one of these for each of the boys when they were babies.  I basically give her an idea and the colors and this is what she came up with:
Aren't they awesome?  Can you guess the theme.  Nope, try again.  Yes, you got it!: football players. Didn't see that one coming, did you?
Ryan will become a quarterback (he's sure bossy enough):

Seth will become a running back (he's sure squirrely enough):

Reed will become a linebacker (he's sure big enough...already):

But who cares, maybe they'll all run cross country or something, We I would be okay with that.  But we'll still have these paintings to decorate their rooms.  If you are interested in having Abby do one for you, you can contact her by commenting on her blog.  She does great work - the canvases are BIG.  20x24, but she can do any sizes you'd like.  She is an all around artist, designer...can do anything.  Thank you, Abby! for giving us something we will cherish for years and years! Even after the boys leave the house, I'll probably hang them by my bed or have them made into quilts or something....and sit there and cry and cry, remembering when they were just itty bitty babies.  And maybe when I'm an old crazy lady, I'll crochet some pretty lace things to hang around the corners.  Ahhhh, the possibilities.....


Hilary said...

you're so funny :) ...and emotional! already lamenting the future. the pictures are very cool...way to go, abby! and way to go, liz, for coming up w/ the idea.

Nicole said...

We are so lucky to have such talented friends!! What a great idea.