Monday, October 10, 2011

Who has the best babysitter in the world? Hands down.....WE DO!

So, no preschool today so our amazing, wonderful, fabulous, marvelous babysitter took our boys and her kids on a special trip to the Boone train place (whatever it is called, Boone Scenic River blah, blah,'s the TRAIN).  The kids were THRILLED!  AND, she is awesome enough that she took all kinds of pictures and sent them to me so I could enjoy it *almost* as much as they could :)

A little playing in the park before the train

Such a sweet face....would NEVER be naughty....


All ABOARD!!!!

Seth is so excited :)

Got his ticket and he's ready to go

The boys with their "big buddy, Riley.

Reed's first train ride....can you see the excitement in his eyes!?!?

A little nervous about this one - DON'T FALL OUT!

Oh. My. SOMEONE GRAB THEM! AND CLOSE THE WINDOW! AND PUT ON THEIR LIFEJACKETS!  (so, I'm a little scared of water...who isn't?!?!?)  Good thing cooler heads prevailed and allowed them to have fun!

Reed checking out the view with our sitter's oldest daugher, Brianna.


OUT.  But notice, he's even hoarding in his sleep.  Impressive, little buddy.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm impressed. Glad they had fun! We took Titus there (for Day out with Thomas) for his birthday. LOVED it. Got some great pics. Thanks for updating your blog, lady. Those of us who live our lives vicariously through others by stalking their blogs are grateful. (Looks around, sees no one else nodding in agreement, shrugs, goes on merry way). --Jess