Sunday, October 30, 2011

Party like he's THREE!

We had a smashing weekend celebrating our little monkey Seth's birthday.  He took the day in stride....having a blast at a monkey-themed party, hanging out with friends and family, and getting an abundance of gifts.  So! Much! Fun!  Here are some picture highlights of the day:
I have no idea why there is a bite missing....

(Nice crazy lady in the background)
Opening his brother's gift....or more accurately, watching his brother open his gift.

Poor Uncle Matt's back went out during the party. Ouch.  But had to take  a picture, right?  
I don't know why he didn't like his tattoo...I thought it was pretty cute!?!?
The birthday boy wanted Monkey tails (hot dogs) as his main dish.  I think the guests were thrilled to eat  such fine cuisine :-/
Observation 1:  Football is ALWAYS on (though it was muted).  Observation 2:  Grandma Sue shoving her mouth full of cupcake.  Ha ha ha ha!!! 

Seth and his cuz, Sydney....all the other cousins were outside wrestling, of course :)
Some purty girls eating banana splits.
The shirt says it perfectly...
Refuses to look at the camera, but he's still cute.
Thanks for making this day such a fun one for Seth. Seems like last month I was wondering what kind of kid Seth would be, trying to imagine him talking and walking.  And  Seth really rounds out our family.  A great combination of silly and sweet, talkative and watchful, energetic and thoughtful, sensitive and confident.  The middle child....right in the middle of my heart.  Happy birthday, buddy!


Julie said...

We had a monkey party today for my nephew, my second child, and my hubby (all their birthdays are within 5 days of each others :o/). Your snacks looked a lot more exciting than ours though... I love the picture of grandma eating :o)

une autre mère said...

Wowzers!! LOVE the fruit tree and cupcakes! Absolutely adorable! You're such a great mom/party-planner! What lucky boys you have! :)

Anonymous said...

So cute. Love those boys. Sometime we need to have you all over . . . in all your spare time, of course . . . so they can all go nuts with Titus Crede. :) --Jess

The Sneaky Mommy said...

So cute!!! You are totally the hostess with the mostest! The mom who's the bomb!
I think Reed may possibly more be crying at picture of his dying uncle on the floor?!? Hope he's not still lying there!
LOVE all the monkey happiness!!! Happy birthday, Seth!!!