Monday, February 22, 2010

Finally back

I've taken a vacation from blogland. Not really by choice, but by necessity. Just too much going on this past week. Troy was out of town for several days and while he was away, I got busy on the kitchen renovation

Buh-bye blah yellow:

Hello, Egyptian Nile (that's dark green but you can't tell from this picture) and Harvest Brown:

Buh-bye ugly old white fridge:

Hello, new shiny black fridge:

Empty but lovely, huh?

Still have a few things left to do:  Window trim:

Looks great, huh?
Coming to measure for the new countertops a week from today. I!         CAN'T!         WAIT!

Then off to get new curtains and a shelf and we're done!  I'm working on patience.  I know the pictures make it look like the house is all put together, but they were strategically posed to avoid showing you the piles of mess.  Mess is hard for a family that likes things "just so":

Meanwhile, the boys are happy to have Daddy home.  We had a happy night hanging out in our pajamas.


Mama Foster said...

wow! i love the colors you chose for the kitchen! it looks really classy! such a drastic change from that yellow. good job!

and ben is totally all about lining his cars up right now too. its so cute!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Lovely kitchen! What a fun new look--new refrigerators are the BEST! (Well, I've only had one, but I loved it!)
Cute boys!!!

peter marie said...

Lookin' goooo-oood. I LOVE that wall color!
Funny, I watched Henry line up cars and then re-line them up for about 2 hours today. Why are little boys so weird? :)

By the look fabulous! I didn't get a chance to tell you at church, but for real!

une autre mère said...

Wow! Your kitchen looks so sleek and modern and awesome! Love the colors you chose!

And seriously... when did Seth get that old? He just looks so big in those pictures!

julie said...

Your kitchen looks great! Our 1950's kitchen is getting a long overdue makeover this spring. The countertops are PINK! Yeah, they're hideous. :)