Monday, August 23, 2010

Off the top of my head - silly reasons I love my boys

I just paused for about 3 minutes and watched the boys in their absolute silly-crazy-hectic-right-before-dinner madness.  And this is the only thing that came to my mind:  silly reasons I love these crazy boys...

  • Tells Seth “I’m too much for you!” when playing, wrestling, or just randomly yells it out (like when we were getting groceries)
  • Tells me at least once a day, “the way of the sinner is hard.”
  • Wants to have every moment of his day documented in pictures.
  • Is dying to have another baby so he can “sit in the back by myself”
  • Thinks learning is actually fun and tells me "you're so sweet as chocolate pie."  Who can resist that?
  • Thinks he MUST "duck, duck, goose!" himself on the head before finding the hidden ryan during Hide and Seek.
  • His chipmunk patch of black hair among dark blonde
  • Has no fear and ends all his stunts with “You see that????”
  • Like a squirrel (or maybe a chipmunk again) hides things everywhere...always a mystery around here.
  • Loves to “nuggle on your lap” at bedtime and says “carry me like a baby"
What silly little things made you smile today?


Anonymous said...

Ok so as ya obviously know I don't have kids to make me smile.. but today was the first day of classes and I got a vialation for a strand of hair in the shower and water spots on the shower head.... TOTALLY MADE ME LAUGH!!!!!
Melissa H.
P.S. to lazy to try and remember my password

peter marie said...

That's sweet!

Tonight at supper Henry said, "I love your special lips, Mommy."
(I guess they're "special" because I put makeup on them) Followed by, "I love your pretty shirt. Is it red?" "I looooove you mommy".
Super sweet, but sometimes we get a little concerned with his complete obsession with me. :)

une autre mère said...

I think you should oblige Ryan and have that baby so he can sit in the back by himself. Just try to plan the baby's due date sometime other than football season...

Addie made me smile today when she said, "Mommy, I like those surprise notes you put in my lunch. They make me smile." And that made *me* smile.

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Such cute boys!

I smiled when my kids were scarfing down the cucumber slices and begging for more "pickles". Someday, they're going to be so confused at the grocery store!

Anonymous said...

Timothy made me smile today as we went to school and he said "I just can't wait to get to school to see how pretty all the girls are."

Anonymous said...

Liz, that was such a fun post to read. :) Love those boys! To add to your list of amusing boy-isms, last night we got back tired and hungry from a fun trip to Omaha to see Nonnie and Papa and go to the zoo. My parents are here, and we wanted to grill, so we stopped at Fareway. Tons of people everywhere, we are patiently waiting our turn, when Titus loudly exclaims, "HEY GUYS! WE NEED SOME STEAKS!"

Rachelle said...

Such sweet boys! I am also a boymom.. gotta love sweet boys!