Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My what a difference a month makes!

Date of these two photos:  November 7, 2009

Date of THESE 2 photos:  December 9, 2009

Notice that in the first snowy picture, Ryan is standing ON the picture window ledge, which is 18 inches off the floor, and the drifts are up to his waist beyond that.  A LOT of snow.  We are officially the ONLY family on our entire block without a snowblower (well, we were given one but it no longer works).  Troy spent a few hours shoveling - in the time it took him to shovel from the street to the sidewalk (approx 8 feet), 2 other neighbors were completely done with their driveways and sidewalks.  Nice.

So how did we spend our snow day?  Well, I got lots of work done. Booooo-ring, I know - but I didn't have the day off - just worked from home.  But for fun, we:

1. made a messy dinner:

2. ate some yummy dessert:

3.  plopped down for movie night - Rudolph (wow, movies have come a loooong way)

4. and shared some popcorn!

When the boys went to sleep, I finished the second coat of paint on the stairs and hallway - darkish brown.  I'd have posted pictures but it's like a dark cave now.  Interesting.  I like it - anything would be better than the beat up white walls we had!


The Sneaky Mommy said...

Cute, cute little boys!!! I'm glad you didn't have to get out in the snow today! Your cookies look beautiful!

une autre mère said...

Oh my goodness, I had almost forgotten how adorable your boys were! Okay, so maybe not, but they look so cute in these pictures.

And those cookies look de-lish!

Oh, and your comment on my blog - whatevs.

peter marie said...

Sounds like a fun snow day!

I can picture the dark brown...and I like it! It's so fun to change things up with paint colors.