Saturday, November 7, 2009

UNI-Dome, here we come!

Yea Troy, we are proud of you! Dowling won the quarter-final game last night against Urbandale and the Maroons get to play at the UNI Dome on Friday afternoon in the semi-final round!  We're going to try to make the trip...maybe! If they win this Friday, they will play in the state championship the following Saturday. The boys love going to football games and enjoyed seeing their Great-Aunts Debbie and Karen last night :-)

A few pictures from the season:

Ryan loves all aspects of the game...still is convinced that Daddy is playing (aka "wrestling/tackling") instead of coaching. On the other hand, Seth goes for the food, band, and what game?


peter marie said...

Those pictures are adorable. What cute boys!!

And congrats to Troy!

Nikkers said...

Your blog is so cute!!!!!! Looks like your boys have a lot of fun at the football games. Good luck at the dome!